Active Independent Living & Retirement Communities

Seniors E-Guide – Questions to Ask Series

This content on selecting active independent and retirement communities is part of our E-Guide Series

Active independent and retirement communities refer to communities designed for active seniors. These communities usually feature low-maintenance apartments, condominiums, town homes, or ranch-style residences. Communities often are designed around recreational activities such as golf, swimming, boating, or fitness. Amenities vary between communities and may have age restriction covenants. Some active independent communities do not have meal plans, activity directors or continuum of care housing options.

General Advice

Below are some questions to consider when selecting senior housing. It is important to trust your feelings and reactions when interviewing a company. The following questions are just suggestions. Take the time to consider what your personal needs are and have a family member or friend available to help evaluate responses from the community.

You may want to start your search looking at senior communities located in a neighborhood that you know well. Or sometimes, the move to a senior community is the right time to move to a different part of the country or re-locate so you are closer to family members.

Researching online and follow up phone interviews, are a good start but take the time to tour the facility. Keep mind that some senior housing locations may have wait lists, so it is a good idea to do your senior housing research before the need arises.

Starting a Search for Senior Housing:

  1. Look at the organization’s website
  2. Follow up with a phone call to the companies that interest you.
  3. Listen to advice from your doctor, senior professionals, and the companies you are interviewing.
  4. Schedule a visit to facilities that meet your criteria.
  5. For senior housing – If you are helping an older relative then schedule visits to the housing locations that meet your criteria. If the services are for an older relative, try to involve them in the selection if possible.
  6. Consider engaging a Senior Housing Placement professional. Their services are generally paid by the senior housing location.

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