Senior Service Topics

In the process of creating the local Internet Directories of we had to analyze types of senior services and decide how to best organize them so that consumers could learn about the variety of senior services available. We settled on organizing our books and local Internet Directories with the main categories shown below. We hope you find this information useful. After reviewing these topics you can search our local Internet Directories from this central link:

Senior Housing

Deciding where to live as one ages presents new challenges for manyseniors. Anticipating and planning for this stage of life is difficult because how well we will age and how long we will live is unpredictable. Average life expectancy is lengthening, increasing the potential for chronic health conditions that may threaten independence. The most important factors for evaluating housing options is becoming familiar with the variety of senior housing choices and the health and mobility criteria for living in these various types of senior housing levels. Another important factor to consider is that many senior housing locations have waiting lists; starting your search early before the actual need arises is very helpful. You can often put your name or a loved one's name on a waiting list to plan ahead and hopefully avoid a crisis.

Active Independent Living
Active independent living communities refers to retirement communities designed for active seniors. These communities usually feature low-maintenance apartments, condominiums, town homes, or ranch-style residences. Communities may be designed around recreational activities such as golf, swimming, boating, or fitness. Amenities vary between communities and may have age restriction covenants.

Retirement Communities
Retirement communities offer apartment living on a rental basis. Communal dining and a full range of activities are available. Housekeeping, laundry, and assisted living services are sometimes available.

Assisted Living
Assisted living facilities offer an independent environment with 24-hour personal assistance. Several options are available: freestanding large facilities, personal care boarding homes, or continuum of care facilities. Services usually include communal meals, housekeeping, social activities, and assistance based on personal needs.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
Skilled nursing facilities are licensed to provide 24-hour medical services by registered nurses and other professionals for the chronically ill not requiring hospitalization. This is the highest level of nursing care available outside of hospitalization.

Memory Care
Alzheimer's assisted living provides 24-hour assistance with dressing, bathing, meals, medication monitoring, and transfer assistance. These large and small facilities have secure areas both inside and outside where residents are free to move about.

Subsidized housing
Subsidized housing is federally funded housing that provides low-income individuals and families the opportunity to rent safe, decent and affordable privately owned rental housing by supplementing what they could afford on their own. The rent is reduced based on a person's income. Examples include: housing authority offices where applications are processed, low-income senior apartments, section 8 housing, HUD housing, etc.

Housing Placement Specialist
Housing Placement Specialist offers advice and referral services to senior housing communities; some are at no charge to the individial.

Health at Home

Health at Home includes products and services that are available to seniors in their homes. These services make living at home easier and are a practical alternative for seniors who have reached a health or mobility level requiring help. Many seniors do not want to leave their homes; this is where you will find information to help them remain in place.

Home Health Agencies
Home health agencies provide healthcare professionals for in-home support services from one to twenty-four hours a day. These professionals include nurses, home health aides, homemakers, therapists, and medical social workers. Reimbursement can be from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

In-Home Care - Non-Medical
In-home care and companion care is support by a caregiver or sitter in a client's home or senior housing community in order to provide companionship or assistance with personal care or errands.

Home Modifications
Home Modifications companies adapt living spaces to meet the needs of individuals with limitations in order to maintain or improve independence and safety.

Medical Equipment
Medical equipment companies offer a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies. Products can include oxygen and respiratory equipment, wheelchairs, and diabetic supplies. Many companies can directly bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

Mobility Equipment
Mobility Equipment are products that individuals use to maintain their mobility and independence. Products include traditional wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, walkers and electric scooters. Many companies may bill Medicare or other insurance for products needed by the consumer.

Personal Emergency Response Systems
Emergency response systems provide security to seniors by connecting them at any time to those who can assist them. Systems include personal medical alert products and home alarm systems activated by pushing a button.

Products designed especially for seniors and caregivers, and offer functional solutions that make chores of daily life easier. Products are available for different disabilities and assist with dressing, bathing, eating, walking, and many other daily activities.

Telephone Reassurance
Telephone Reassurance is regular, pre-scheduled calls to individuals who live alone as a routine safety check and to reduce loneliness.

Community Resources

Community resources are the public and private agencies providing local support to seniors and their families. You will find a wide variety of website resources and phone numbers for government agencies that assist seniors. This is an excellent section to browse and learn about senior resources and issues that may be useful.

Area Agencies on Aging
Regional Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) are local government agencies that provide information and resources to seniors and their families. These agencies offer a variety of information on community services, advocacy issues, and provide ombudsman service programs.

Financial assistance companies specialize in assisting seniors facing financial problems or in need of financial assistance.

Caregiving Resources
Caregiving resources includes private, government, and non-profit agencies that provide resources and guidance in finding services for seniors.

Charitable Giving
Charitable Giving includes nonprofit organizations along with descriptions of the services they offer and suggestions of how individuals can help.

Disability Programs
Disability programs originate at national, state and local levels and provide financial support, health care coverage, transportation and other support services to individuals with disabilities.

Elder Abuse
Elder abuse are government and non-profit agencies which advocate for and protect seniors from abuse in housing, financial matters, and physical harm.

Employment Resources
Employment opportunities are companies, volunteer, and community service organizations that employ seniors or other age groups and train them for various jobs.

Government Resources
Government resources and services are links to government organizations, such as Area Agencies on Aging, and other agencies serving the needs of older Americans.

Many libraries provide special services for seniors and those with physical impairments. Main libraries in your community will provide satellite library information.

Medicaid serves people with low incomes and resources, and is funded by the state and federal government, and is managed by the states.

Medicare, the nation's largest health insurance program, provides health insurance for Americans.

Senior Centers
Senior centers are gathering places for seniors who are still active and are seeking a place for planned activities, friendship, and planned programs. Lunches are usually served, and transportation may be available.

Senior Organizations
Senior organizations are government, non-profit, and community organizations created to assist seniors in many areas of their lives.

Social Security
The Social Security Administration can be contacted through local and national offices.

Transportation includes routed public transportation, flexibly scheduled van service, taxi services, and medical transport vehicles. Vehicle Modification may also be found here.

Veteran Services
The Veterans Administration can be contacted through local and national offices that provide services to veterans.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities are available for older adults through non-profits, government and volunteer organizations.

Professional Services

Professional Services provide help with legal, financial, and end of life concerns to seniors and their families. The true importance of this area is the communication and resolution of issues that impact not only life, but death as well. Facing these issues while one is in good health and making a plan of action is so important for seniors and their families during the aging process.

Computer and Internet
Computer and Internet related companies that provide computers, computer training, and connections to the Internet. Some companies may have special programs and discounts available to seniors.

Elder Law and Estate Planning
Elder law companies are legal firms that devote all or part of their practice to the legal rights and issues of seniors. Services can include power of attorney, guardianship, conservatorship, estate planning, and wills. This topic also includes companies that specialize in the preparation of Legal Documents. These companies do not have law degrees but they can prepare legal documents.

Financial Services
Financial service firms devote all or part of their practice to assisting seniors with their financial affairs. Services can include financial planning, insurance claims, bank reconciliation, bill payment, income tax preparation, and preparing medical insurance claims.

Funeral Pre Planning
Funeral and pre-planning businesses specialize in providing traditional funeral and cremation services. These companies may also provide advance directives and pre-planning funeral arrangements.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance covers the financial risk of long-term care. This type of insurance helps pay for assisted living, nursing homes, home health care, or alternative care.

Mobile Beauty Services
Mobile beauty service is salons or individuals that offer their services to clients in their home or in a senior housing community.

Move Management and Organizing
Move management and organizing services assist with moves from a larger home to an apartment or community and often handle personal details of a move.

Moving Services
Moving services include personalized services, packing and unpacking, general moving, storage and specialty shipping of antiques and valuables.

Real Estate Services
Real estate services include Realtors specializing in serving the senior housing and relocation market. They are familiar with the current real estate market and can offer assistance to seniors wishing to downsize and move to senior-oriented housing.

Reverse Mortgages
Reverse mortgages are designed for adults 62 and over who own their own home and wish to access their home’s equity while retaining ownership. These programs are government insured and can provide tax-free cash on a monthly basis.

Health Services

These are local health care resources available to seniors. This category includes services such as adult day care programs, hospices, hospitals, associations for specific illnesses, HMOs and health insurance, hearing and dental resources, prescription assistance, rehabilitation facilities and other topics relating to health andwellness.

Adult Day Care
Adult day care programs are for seniors needing a place to stay during the day because they have dementia or physical limitations and cannot be left alone. These programs provide purpose and stimulation through planned activities.

Care Management
Care management agencies help evaluate, coordinate, or provide crisis intervention for seniors. They are familiar with senior care issues and can assist families in determining the best care options or facility. Some agencies can develop an individualized care plan.

Health and Wellness
Alternative health services provide health care based on traditional oriental medicine. Services can include acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, nutritional consultation, and massage therapy.

Associations for Health Conditions
Associations for specific illnesses are those organizations that perform advocacy roles and inform the public about latest research developments and can provide assistance for specific illnesses.

Dental Services
Dental resources are private, government, and non-profit organizations providing dental services. Organizations and businesses listed range from private pay to senior dental assistance programs. Some mobile services offer dental hygienecare in the home.

Hearing Services
Hearing resources are private, government, and non-profit organizations providing hearing services and resources to the hearing-impaired. Listings include contacts for hearing evaluations, hearing aids, referrals, and hearing societies.

Health Insurance
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) offer senior oriented health coverage, but are only available in certain metropolitan areas. These managed care health plans are designed to supplement and enhance Medicare coverage.

Hospice Services
Hospices provide individuals facing terminal illness with care at home or in a healthcare facility. The goal is to assist patients to live the last stage of their lives with dignity. Most hospices will accept Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, and private pay.

Mental Health Services
Mental health services includes services such as inpatient and outpatient counseling, as well as, information, resources and education on mental health.

Respite Care Services
Respite care provides a period of relief for those giving constant care to an ill person.

Senior Health Clinics
Senior health centers and physicians provide checkups when you're well, treatment when you're sick, immunizations and prescription drugs.

Vision Services
Vision resources are private, government, and non-profit organizations providing help with vision disabilities. Resources can include vision evaluation, blind rehabilitation, talking book libraries, and advocacy groups.