National Senior Services and Resources

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Professional Services : Fiduciary and Money Management Services

American Association of Daily Money Managers
AADMM is a national membership organization representing individuals and businesses in the growing profession of daily money management. These professionals provide financial services to seniors and older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals, high net worth individuals, small businesses and others.
American Bar Association - ABA
Directory of Attorneys & Legal Resources US
ABA is a professional association that provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. The ABA cannot help consumers directly but there are many people out there who can. This site lists resources by state. Most legal issues are regulated by the law in the state where you live, or where the problem occurred.
Direct Deposit for Social Security or SSI Payment
Tel: 800-333-1795
Direct deposit is the best way to get your Social Security or SSI payment. It is safer and easier than a check, because your money goes straight to your account on your payment day. Call Go Direct at 800-333-1795 or visit our website today!
National Guardianship Association Inc - NGA
Professional Association for Guardians US
National Guardianship Association Inc (NGA) provides resources and credentials for guardians, fiduciaries and conservators. The website also has resources for families acting as guardians.