National Senior Services and Resources

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Professional Services : Computer and Internet

An Internet Access Resource - Everyone On
This group is working to eliminate the digital divide by making affordable Internet, low-cost computers, and free digital literacy courses available to all unconnected U.S. residents.
Best Buy
Best Buy offers the latest devices and services, all in one place with impartial & Knowledgeable advice and competitive prices.
Web Browser US
Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google.
Desktops to laptops to printers and more US
Computers and electronics for home, office and data centers.
Internet Access US
Earthlink has been the Internet service provider for the webmasters for Seniors Resource Guide since its launch in fall of 1999. They have provided great service at a competitive price.
A central source for assistive technology US
Technology for vision, hearing, mobility, communication, learning, switches, workstations, keyboards, mouse controller and more.
Geek Squad
Geek Squad is a 24-hour task force dedicated to solving technology challenges. The group is comprised of skilled and specially trained computing agents, home entertainment installers (GSIs), Autotechs and appliance repairers (GSRs) serving U.S. Best Buy stores.
HP - Hewlett-Packard Development Company LP
HP offers consumers a wide range of products and services from digital photography, digital entertainment, computing to home printing. Their comprehensive product line helps match the right products, services and solutions to customers' specific needs.
It's Never 2 Late
Empowering Lives Through Technology US
Because it?s never too late to learn, it?s never too late to introduce the power of technology to the elders in your community. At It's Never 2 Late, they develop life-changing solutions that empower individuals to benefit from today?s technology.
Micro Center
Micro Center has retail locations and an online store offering computers, computer parts, electronics, accessories, gaming devices, software and more. The group also provides business services, service and repair and tech support.
Web Browser US
Mozilla is an alternative web browser that you can download to your computer.
Computer Education for Older Adults US
Variety of resources and services to assist the 50+ adult to become involved with computer technology
Visual Steps
Helping Indivuduals 50+ with Computer Skills US
Dedicated to helping individuals 50+ participating in computer technology. Visual Steps has practical and accessible computer handbooks, user guides and other instructional resources.