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Welcome to Seniors Resource Guide: Directory Articles. We include articles to educate seniors and their families about aging issues locally and nationally. Reading informative articles is a good way to help make informed decisions about preserving quality of life. Contact information is included with each article if you want more information. New links are featured regularly and content is always welcome.


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About Financial Assistance – Here is some Information
Financial assistance programs are most often based on need, with income and/or age a part of the qualifying for the assistance. “Financial assistance” can range from emergency shelter to food to assistance with utility bills, temporary rent assistance, disaster relief, and other emergency services meant to help a person get past a temporary financial set back.

About Food Resources - Here is some Information
Food resource programs can be based on income, age or need or be private pay food service programs. Some low cost food programs require proof of income, age and need, while others are based on a verbal request that you that you are in need of food.

About Ongoing Extreme Financial Hardship – Here is some Information
Resolving ongoing extreme financial hardship can involve consumer credit counseling, housing counseling, legal services including bankruptcy counseling and gaining an understanding of government support programs such as Medicaid and public housing. Often the starting point is a professional credit counselor.

About Senior Centers – Here is some Information
There is a movement across the United States pushing Senior Centers to become a place that older adults want to go to because they offer ongoing activities from exercise and fitness classes to creative art classes to computer classes to presentations on senior services to transportation services and more.

About Transportation Resources - Here is some Information
Some transportation programs can be fee based, discounted or free depending on your age, income or if you are disabled. This page also lists resources on addressing safety of older drivers both for themselves and the public.

Advance Care Directives and the Person with Dementia
When there is a person with dementia in the family, there needs to be special attention to many matters; Advance Directives is an important one.

Aging in Place - Aging in Place? Then You Need to Create a Plan
About: Aging in place, as defined by the Center for Disease Control, is “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level.”

Alzheimer’s – Croquet at Copthorne - Dealing with dementia, a family learns to play together
About: Playing the croquet can create connections with those with Alzheimer’s and related Dementias

Alzheimer’s – It’s Happening! Dementia!
About: When a family member develops Dementia look at issues of driving, the upkeep of the home, medications and other activities of daily living

Alzheimer’s – My Dream
About: With a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s how does one plan for the future and are there Dementia Friendly Communities?

Book Release - “Surviving the Storm: Finding the Best New Normal”
About: Joy Davidson’s personal journey with her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

Care Management - When Needs Change
About: When the daily life pattern for a senior changes due to illness or the aging process, it is important to respond to those changes and a Care or Case Manager can help plan what needs to change.

Caregiver Resource - 10 Reasons Family Caregivers Should Use a Personal Health Organizer
& Communications Hub

About: How an electronic personal health organizer can help family caregivers communicate with the patient, family and the care team

Caregiver Resource - Are You Keeping Caregiving Records
About: Every caregiver should keep caregiving records on a daily basis. The Caregiver's Care Plan is very similar to the Nurse's Plan of Care and the Hospice Plan of Care. It is a daily record of the care and treatment of the care-receiver.

Caregiver Resource – Choosing Home Care Services that Meet Your Needs
About: Making the decision to hire a home care service to provide care for your loved one is an important decision and can, at the same time, be very difficult.

Caregiver Resource - Coping with Caregiving Communication
About: A review of simple techniques to improve family communication when providing caregiving to a family member

Caregiver Resource – Family Discharge Planning Resources
About: After an illness or elective surgery a senior will at some point be discharged to their ‘home’ and this article reviews resources helpful for Family Discharge Planning

Caregiver Resource – Finding Balance for the Sandwich Generation
About: If you know someone who is juggling care needs for an aging parent, in addition to caring for their own children; then you know someone in the “sandwich” generation.

Caregiver Resource – Forward in the Rearview Mirror
About: How many of you drive your car forward down the road while looking almost exclusively in the rearview mirror? I’m guessing that you are all raising your hands and saying, “Not me!”

Caregiver Resource – Holiday Stress Relief for Caregivers
About: Here are a few things you can do to help lessen your stress level if you are a family caregiver.

Caregiver Resource – Invisible Heroes
About: Marco Chayet of the elderlaw firm Chayet & Danzo shares resources for family caregivers

Caregiver Resource - PHRs and EHRs Are Not the Same Things
About: Family caregivers may find it easier to communicate caregiving issues with the new electronic systems however it is important to know the difference between Personal Health Records (PHRs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Caregiver Resource - The Importance of Keeping Caregiving Records
About: Keeping daily caregiving records can help with medication management to improving diet to an improvement in general health because a patient can be checked regularly for changes in health.

Caregiver Resource - The Signals
About: This article from Joy C. Davidson, owner of Joyful Transitions, LLC is about having fantastic communication with older adults.

Caregiver Resource – The Wisdom & Experience of Older Volunteers
About: Boulder County Care Connect is an innovative volunteer organization that helps seniors stay safe at home

Caregiver Resource - The Time Gift
About: This article from Joy C. Davidson, owner of Joyful Transitions, LLC is about common communication patterns of older adults and exploring which set of communication skills are the most productive.

Caregiver Resource – Three Ways to Stay Close While Caregiving
About: Disability and age impact more than just the physical body – they also alter the relationship between mother and daughter, husband and wife, father and son.

Caregiver Resource – Travel Tips for Caregivers
About: Just because you need a caregiver doesn't automatically mean you cannot travel. If your situation permits, travel can be very enjoyable. When traveling, try to follow the routine that is followed at home.

Caregiver Resource – When You Become Your Loved One
About: I am talking about that moment when you become your loved one – your mother, your aunt, your father, your sister, your friend – at least legally. When does that moment occur? It occurs when a Power-of-Attorney is signed and then enacted (perhaps at a later date).

Clinical Studies - What are Clinical Research Studies?
About: There are four phases of clinical research studies. The goal of the Phase I study is to make sure the medication is safe for human beings.

Consumer Affairs – Does this Happen in your Community?
About: Your State’s District Attorney is a great resource about potential scams

Consumer Affairs – National Do Not Call Registry
About: Your State’s District Attorney is a great resource about potential scams

Consumer Affairs - Natural Disasters and Scams
About: Your State’s District Attorney is a great resource about potential scams

Consumer Affairs – What to do about Robocalls
About: Your State’s District Attorney is a great resource about potential scams

Developmentally Disabled Seniors - Questions to Ask Concerning Developmentally Disabled - PDF
About: From our experience we have discovered that many seniors and their families do not know what questions to ask when it comes to senior services. Our “Questions to Ask” series is all about education

Discharge Planning - Resources for Getting Better at Home
About: This is a resource center listing a variety of senior services and resource providers relevant to Discharge Planning.

Downsizing, Move Management - Insider Tips for Getting Rid of Large Items
About: There are local organizations that can help clean out unused items and recycle or reuse them

Downsizing, Move Management – Never Move without a Move Manager
About: I have always been passionate about what we do, but now that I have experienced it from our client’s perspective I am even more passionate and excited about move management and the incredible value we bring to our clients and their families.

Driving – Are You CarFit?
About: At any age, we need to ask ourselves this question: Am I a safe driver

Dying - How We Misunderstand Heroism and Heroic Action
About: The national media is beginning to fill with citizen stories about patient-families with an aged parent at highly advanced ages and with numerous infirmities that undergo increasingly invasive treatments, the sum total of which represents a non-peaceful demise.

Dying - So You Say You Want to Die in Peace - Part 2
About: What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “life support

Dying - So You Say You Want to Die in Peace
About: 90% of us say we want to die in peace, and define that as “at home.” To which I add, “with the dog licking my fingers.”

Editorials on Senior Living - Agendas & Advocacy
About: Our elders live in a world where the society, the culture, and the developmental agenda of the younger generations are hostile to their developmental agenda.

Editorials on Senior Living - Development Orphans: A Clarion Call
About: Many of our elders, our older adults, are developmental orphans.

Editorials on Senior Living - Surviving the Storm: Finding the Best New Normal
About: My mother’s stroke on August 23, 2010, was only the first in a flash flood of thirteen major life events over the next eight months that completely and forever changed the landscape of my life.

Editorials on Senior Living - Who Cares?
About: I was a caregiver for sixteen years for my aunt and my mom. Yet I never cared for either one in my home or theirs.

Editorials on Senior Living - Years of Life Experience
About: Aren’t the increasing years of life experience something that is accompanied by an ever-decreasing sense of value and ever-increasing sense of uselessness? In America and some other parts of the world, yes, but not everywhere.

Elder Abuse – Protect yourself from Door to Door Thieves
About: Your State’s District Attorney is a great resource about potential scams

Elder Law - Beneficiary's Deed Explanation
About: A simple estate planning option is a Beneficiary’s Deed

Elder Law – Families & Long Term Care Planning
About: More than ever families are assisting with long term plans for a senior, this article reviews options and respources for this very big job

Elder Law - Finding Legal Resources in Colorado!
About: The Annual Senior Law Day events in Colorado

Elder Law - Guardianship or Conservatorship in Colorado?
About: Too often, individuals do not plan for illness, injury, or incapacity and have not executed proper medical or financial directives such as a durable medical power of attorney or a durable financial power of attorney.

Elder Law - Legacy Planning – Does your checking account make you who you are?
About: A will is crucial for ensuring your wishes are respected, but there's another tool to consider. A legacy plan puts the focus not only on money and assets, but on your values, morals, traditions and accomplishments.

Elder Law - Medical Powers of Attorney
About: Colorado - A medical power of attorney, sometimes known as a Durable Medical Power of Attorney or a Power of Attorney for Health Care, is a legal document in which you appoint an “agent” to be able to speak for you on the subject of medical treatment, in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.

Elder Law - Topics to Discuss with your Spouse Before You Retire
About: You may have a vision for your retirement, but does your spouse share that vision?

Elder Law – Working with Elder Parents in Planning Financially for their Long Term Care
About: Elder law attorneys can assist with financial planning for long term care for seniors.

Emergency Rooms - Time to Plan for your Emergency Medical Needs
A word of caution: Please do your planning while you are healthy. If something happens to you, knowing where you want to go in advance is good for you.

Emergency Rooms - There are 46 Emergency Rooms in Denver. Feel Better?
Emergency Rooms in the Denver metro area are competing for your ill-fortune. There are 46 of them; but, they are growing so fast, Google Maps cannot do them justice.

Emergency Rooms - Denver’s Emergency Rooms May be Bad for your Health
Could a consumer who has a serious heart incident have additional complications because he/she went to the wrong ER?

Exercise - Could Tai Chi Be the Fountain of Youth?
About: Do our bodies have to become more fragile as we age?

Financial Assistance – 3-1-1 compared to 2-1-1 – What is the Difference?
About: 3-1-1 where available connects you to local city government services while 2-1-1 connects you to health and human resources such as food, clothing, housing, help with utility bills and more

Financial Assistance – Can I get Help?
About: Seniors can look for a variety of assistance programs from medications, food, utilities, legal, housing, taxes and more with the website BenefitsCheckUp

Financial Assistance – Free Tax Preparation in Colorado for Low Income Families
About: There are organizations that offer reduced and free income tax preparation to low income seniors

Financial Assistance – Just Dial 2-1-1
About: The 2-1-1 services is a local number you dial and then can connect you to health and human resources such as food, clothing, housing, help with utility bills and more

Funeral & Pre-Planning – A Final Resting Place in Denver’s Oldest Cemetery
About: Fairmount Mortuary and Cemetery located in Denver, Colorado has a long and rich history

Funeral & Pre-Planning – It’s always too soon to have the conversation until it’s too late
About: Learn more about the having the Conversation about death and dying

Funeral & Pre-Planning - One Family’s End of the Journey
About: The quality of end of life has a lot to do with our health care system, insurance providers and Medicare products

Grand Junction, the Banana Belt of Colorado
Consider Grand Junction and the Western Slope of Colorado as a Retirement Destination

Grandparents - Did you play outside when you were young, not coming inside until dinner?
Find fun, entertaining, inexpensive and educational ideas to engage your grandchildren outdoors.

Health & Wellness – Benefits of Personal Health Record System
About: Learn more about how a Personal Health Record (PHR) can assist you or a loved one track and access their health

Health & Wellness - Colonoscopy: There’s a Choice, Go Virtual!
About: Colon cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. This is a tragedy because colon cancer is almost 100% curable if found early enough.

Health & Wellness – Falls Prevention Awareness Day
About: Falls are not normal and avoiding falls are a big part of staying healthy and living longer

Health & Wellness Finally– Looking at Physical Inactivity as a True Medical Condition
About: Physical deconditioning is one of the most common preventable causes of morbidity and mortality.

Health & Wellness - Health Care Reform and Wellness – A Real Element in the Health Care Equation
About: Healthy lifestyle choices are a big part of staying well and include a variety of exercise for all ages

Health & Wellness - Majority of Americans Don’t Get Enough Exercise
About: Why everyone should be exercising

Health & Wellness – Progressive Resistance Training is Particularly Beneficial for Aging Adults
About: Strength training can have a profoundly beneficial impact on your brain as well as your muscle and bone strength

Health & Wellness – Stay Hydrated. Stay Healthy
About: As we age staying hydrated becomes even more important

Health & Wellness – Yoga After 50
About: Yoga is an excellent choice for older adults to help improve and maintain balance

Hospice - Hospice: The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare
About: Why is hospice the best kept secret in healthcare?

Hospice - Profit vs. Non-Profit Hospice … Is There a Difference?
About: The Hospice Medicare Benefit is a highly regulated program and must follow the “Conditions of Participation”. These are very specific requirements that are monitored closely by Medicare.

In-Home Care and Companions - Choosing Home Care Services that Meet your Needs
About: Making the decision to hire a home care service to provide care for your loved one is an important decision and can, at the same time, be very difficult.

In-Home Care and Companions - Questions to Ask - PDF
About: Questions to ask when select In-Home Care and a Companion

In-Home Care and Companions - Questions to Ask the Senior Care Provider
About: Asking questions and getting to know the potential caregiver’s personality and philosophy of care will help you to find the right senior care provider for your loved one.

In-Home Care and Companions - Seniors E-Guide Questions to Ask Series for In-Home Care
About: From our experience we have discovered that many seniors and their families do not know what questions to ask when it comes to senior services. Our “Questions to Ask” series is all about education.

Long Term Care Insurance - An Open Letter to Bill Gates
About: This article submitted by Raymond Smith, CLU, CLTC, MBA - The Long Term Care Specialist explores why even Bill and Melinda Gates should consider long term care insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance - Mom & Dad Are Moving In With Us: Could There Be A Better Way?
About: Most of us look forward to short visits. Not too many are comfortable with the idea of becoming their parents’ full-time, forever, caregiver…in their own homes.

Long Term Care Insurance - New Short Term Care Insurance; Why Did I Buy It For Myself?
About: A new kind of care insurance is emerging…short term or recovery care. Policies are less expensive than traditional long term care insurance and medical qualification is a little easier.

Long Term Care Insurance – Long Term Care Insurance Simplified … Really
About: Long Term Care Insurance can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Low Income Seniors - Low Income Rentals
About: The Federal government through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development -HUD has a wide variety of low-income housing programs for all ages. All programs require income qualification.

Low Income Seniors - Seniors E-Guide: Resources For Low to Moderate Income Seniors
About: Locating and applying for programs to assist low-income seniors can be a challenge.

Low Income Seniors - Think About What to Give this Holiday Season - Give Help
About: Think about making a difference in some of our nation’s most vulnerable seniors’ lives.

Mediation Services - Your Family Matters: Communicate Before It’s Too Late
About: Good communication between family members is essential to navigating helping the seniors in our lives. If family members don’t agree then a Mediation Service may be the answer

Medicaid - Applying for Medicaid is a grueling task - maybe even a full time job
About: Senior Planning Services of Howell, New Jersey has shared an article about what it takes to get into the Medicaid program in New Jersesy.

Medicaid - Are You Spending Down to Medicaid Eligibility?
About: To qualify for Medicaid, one must be evaluated and approved on three levels, physical/mental, income, and resources/assets. The most misunderstood term for asset eligibility is the word “spend down.”

Medicaid – Financial assistance for low income seniors needing Long Term Care
About: Medicaid is a jointly funded, Federal-State health and long term care coverage program.

Medicaid – Good News or Bad News For Nursing Home Patients?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a rule change for nursing homes.

Medicaid - “Spend Down” - Different Meanings to Different Medicaid Groups
You should be aware of how the term “Spend Down” is used with different groups within the Colorado Medicaid community.

Medicare - Medicare Basics Video Series - Videos
About: This program was developed to simplify the four basic parts of Medicare (A, B, C & D) to help make your Medicare choices easier to understand.

Medicare – Medicare Part D: What you don’t know can cost you!
Understanding Medicare Part D and Drug Costs.

Medicare – Medicare and Foreign Travel
Life is good! Enjoy your retirement and travel but how does your Medicare work out of the country.

Medicare - Need Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs?
About: Anyone who has Medicare can get Medicare prescription drug coverage. Some people with limited resources and income also may be able to get Extra Help to pay for the costs.

Move Management & Downsizing – Expert Help Available for Seniors on the Move
About: With more of the Senior population downsizing or moving there has been a growing need for moving companies to specialize in the needs of seniors and their families

Neglect of Older Adults - My Torn Heart
About: The heart is torn when we hear about older adults that are neglected – perhaps they are neglected in their own home by their caregivers or perhaps they are in a community and no one comes to visit. However, it is no less of a travesty if they are treated as if they have no value, nothing to contribute as they age because they are no longer “productive”.

Nutrition - ‘At Home’ with Good Food
About: Most everyone agrees that for ongoing attention to your health nothing is better than home cooked food.

Nutrition – Healthy Carbs
About: Did you know that there are different types of carbohydrates, both simple and complex

Nutrition - Kidney Disease and a Renal Diet
About: Even if you are not hungry, it is important to eat and keep good nutrition and well-nourished people with kidney disease stay healthier and live longer

Nutrition – Nutrition - You’re Home Talks about Hydration
About: I have seen many people who lived in my community have to be taken to the hospital, only because they were dehydrated.

Nutrition - Prepared Meals Are Getting Better & Offer More Options like Gluten-Free
About: Food is a necessity but can be boring or just too much work so an option is to have some prepared meals available

Nutrition - Remember When Food was Simple and Made at Home?
About: The basic facts about reading food nutrition labels

Palliative Care - Palliative Care for Pets
About: Palliative care refers to the effective management of pain and the provision of comfort care, most often to ill or dying patients. Most of us are familiar with the concept of palliative care for humans, but palliative care is increasingly available for our companion animals, too.

Parkinson’s - A Fitness Class for Everyone, Everything, Everywhere
If you do not have an exercise class, contact the GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network and we will start a class for you anywhere.

Parkinson’s - Exercise should be your Passion with Parkinson’s
About: GZ Sobol’s Parkinson’s Network and the value of exercise

Patient Advocates - Successfully Navigating Through a Broken System
About: Overseeing long-term care for a loved one is an awesome responsibility, requiring constant vigilance and inside knowledge of how to navigate the bureaucracy of the healthcare system.

Prescription Programs - The Partnership for Prescription Assistance
About: The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is an excellent resource for seniors needing help obtaining their prescription medications.

Real Estate Services – Reasons to Rent, Not Buy Another Home
About: One option for downsizing from a big family home is to move to a rental home, condo, townhome or patio home

Real Estate Services - Tips for Preparing your Home for Sale
About: Are you thinking of selling your home? Perhaps you are just thinking you need to scale down and/or update your current home. Either way, you may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

Recycling - Insider Tips for Getting Rid of Large Items
About: Here are tips from Gone for Good on getting rid of large items such as mattresses, refrigerators and large old TV’s in the Denver area. Gone for Good encourages companies and individuals to reduce, resell and recycle.

Reverse Mortgages - How a Reverse Mortgage can help Senior Homeowner
About: Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages – Learn more about Reverse Mortgages
About: Reverse Mortgages

Senior Centers - Senior Centers are Changing Lives
About: Seniors centers change lives and have been for years.

Senior Centers - Why Have Them?
About: Never stepped inside of a “senior center”? Why not?

Senior Housing – Bella Vita Senior Living, Aurora, Colorado
About: Bella Vita, a senior living apartment building, opened the first week in June 2013 in the newly renovated former Aurora City Hall adding to Urban Renewal in the Aurora city limits

Senior Housing – Choices in Senior Housing
About: Deciding where to live as one ages presents new challenges for many seniors and their families.

Senior Housing - Seniors E-Guide Questions to Ask Series for Senior Housing
About: From our experience we have discovered that many seniors and their families do not know what questions to ask when it comes to senior services. Our “Questions to Ask” series is all about education

Senior Housing – Serving Seniors and Preserving a Beloved Oak Tree
About: The Trace Senior Community in Covington, Louisiana is rescheduling the previously scheduled September 12, 2013 Groundbreaking to a future date due to a special consideration regarding a beloved oak tree.

Senior Housing – The Avenues Crofton Park in Broomfield Now Accepting Pre-leasing Applications
About: “Senior Boutique Living” is a new concept in apartment living for adults 55 and over, is under construction in Broomfield, Colorado and set to open Spring 2014.

Senior Housing – Urban Living for a New Generation of Seniors in Denver
About: Balfour Senior Living, a Louisville, Colorado-based owner/operator of full service senior living rental communities, has announced plans to build a $74 million senior living community in downtown Denver

Senior Housing Specialist - What’s best for Mom? - Home vs. Assisted Living
About: The politically correct view, and often is the right move, is for Mom to stay in the home as long as physically possible. The government strongly encourages this, as well as the family pocketbook. However, it isn’t always the best option, even when the senior is physically able.

Senior News & Event – “Where to go, what to do?” in Denver, Colorado
About: Maureen Wells’ guidebook Ageless Outings has the answers for those questions of “where to go and what to do” with seniors in Denver.

Service Animals - Freedom Service Dogs Looks Back on 25 Years and Forward With Your Help
About: Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) was founded by Mike Roche, a paramedic who sustained injuries in an ambulance accident, putting him in a wheelchair for life. P.J. was his care provider (and later his wife), who brought her bright and curious dog to work each day. After some focused training, they were so impressed by what the dog could do to help Mike in his daily activities, they started to think about how other individuals could be helped, and FSD was born.

Social Security – Compassionate Allowances
About: Social Security Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions

Social Security - Electronic Payments: The Best way to get your Benefits
About: Chances are, if you receive Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or any federal payment, you receive it electronically.

Social Security - Get Your Social Security Statement Online
About: The online Social Security Statement is simple, easy-to-use and provides people with estimates they can use to plan for their retirement.

Social Security - Link to Social Security Calculator
About: This calculator will show you the average number of additional years a person can expect to live, based only on the gender and date of birth you enter.

Social Security - Moving? Save Time—Change Your Address Online
About: If you are moving and you receive Social Security benefits, you do not need to call or visit, just go to and change your address online.

Social Security - Social Security Card and Number Lesson
About: Are you looking to replace your Social Security card just because you don’t have it? Then rest assured: you really don’t need to replace it. What’s most important is that you remember your Social Security number.

Social Security - Social Security Goes Country
About: Social Security’s been around nearly as long as country music — since the 1930s. Social Security was signed into law during the same depression era that found Gene Autry singing “Take Me Back To My Boots and Saddle.”

Social Security – Social Security has a Calculator on Life Expectancy. Why
About: The Social Security website offers the calculator as a tool to help those eligible for Social Security Benefits to determine when they want to retire and collect retirement benefits. However this calculator is not just about ssa retirement benefits but needs to be looked at as an overall tool in planning and managing all of your assets as you age including Social Security Benefits, additional pensions and investments.

Social Security - Take Your Parents on a Meaningful Tour of Social Security’s Website
About: The Social Security website offers many other services as well, such as online forms and publications, an easy application to apply for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs

Social Security - Useful Information You May Not Know About Social Security
About: Four websites related to Social Security that you should know about.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program - What is SHIP?
About: State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs) provide free help to Medicare beneficiaries who have questions or issues with their health insurance.

Strokes - Time to Get Stroke Savvy
About: Public Encouraged to Learn Warning Signs, Prevention and Treatment Tips

Volunteer Opportunities – Bessie’s Hope – The Facts
About: Bessie’s Hope focuses on enhancing the lives of nursing home elders, especially the 60% who never have personal visitors.

Well-Being - Define What Well-Being Means to You
4 Ways for Older Adults to Improve Well-Being and Enjoy an Active, Vibrant Lifestyle

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