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For those that love bathing, there is nothing like taking a long soaking bath. Add some air jets and that soaking bath can become quite therapeutic. However what happens when one gets older or develops a physical impairment that makes it difficult to get into and out of the traditional tub? Then the ability to enjoy the long soak in the tub disappears. So what is the solution? Check out walk-in tubs. Walk-in tubs can help a person stay independent and still enjoy that traditional soaking bath. And when you add air jets the bathing experience can actually be therapeutic.

Learn more and find out how a walk-in tub can aid mobility and prevent falls associated with getting in and out of a regular tub.

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If you are going to remodel a Bathroom and add a walk-in tub be sure to check out the Contractor

If you are looking to remodel a bathroom and add a walk-in tub be sure to check out the contractor. Here are some questions to ask when interviewing home maintenance people and contractors:

If you are starting a larger remodeling project such as updating a bathroom, kitchen or installing a new roof you should ask these questions, and definitely get more than one estimate-especially if you are in doubt as the reasonableness of the dollar amount requested for the project:

Here are more tips about working with Contractors

This is an extra step but homeowner's starting large remodeling projects should verify that the contractor has liability insurance, is licensed, and has workmen's compensation:

Fixing up your home and remodeling can be a rewarding experience. Just remember to protect your rights and your home. If in doubt, talk to someone you trust to make sure you are making the right decision.

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We wish you happy bathing and independence!