Denver, New Urbanism and Senior Housing

Your answer to retirement with all the amenities!

Denver's New Urbanism and Senior Housing are the next step for the 55 plus active adults looking for something different from the traditional retirement villages and communities within the area. Denver is an exciting place to live and retire with multiple options where it is safe and active.

Why Live in Denver?
outdoor group photoDenver and the surrounding metro area is a spectacular region offering a comfortably elegant standard of living merged with the close proximity of the Rocky Mountains and all they encompass. Denver is an urban metropolis located one mile above sea level and Colorado's capital city. The city has a central downtown area, which offers professional sports venues, internationally acclaimed performing arts, elegant art and history museums, exquisite dining, and multifaceted, highly intriguing visitor attractions. Outlaying suburban areas such as Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Englewood, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Parker, Thornton, Westminster and Wheat Ridge are within easy access of the innermost portion of Denver through a series of inter-connected highways that encircle the city.

photo of man and womanThe climate of Denver is rather pleasant. Denver city and its suburbs lay east of the Rocky Mountains on the plains of the state. The mountains generally provides a weather barrier allowing that Colorado experiences over 300 days of sunshine per year, more annual golden sunbeams than southern California!

In the Denver area, seniors will find a variety of housing options, ranging from independent retirement communities, and continuum of care communities, assisted living and Alzheimer's assisted sites. Other senior services include the broad spectrum of home health care and medical services, senior support aid and various specialty-nursing facilitators Please refer our local links page for a register of Denver's businesses and governments that tailor to other senior resources.

New Urbanism what is it?
Urbanites consider New Urbanism a Response to Suburban sprawl; an answer to city growth patterns often harmful to the environment and the sense of neighborly community.

The Congress of New Urbanism offers this definition:

“We advocate the restructuring of public policy and development practices to support the following principles: neighborhoods should be diverse in use and population; communities should be designed for the pedestrian and transit as well as the car; cities and towns should be shaped by physically defined and universally accessible public spaces and community institutions; urban places should be framed by architecture and landscape design that celebrate local history, climate, ecology, and building practice.” (

Current research suggests that New Urbanism Principles deny the stereotypical repetitive architecture of suburbanism design for little open space and largely automobile use catering to the commuter. New Urbanism is the reverse providing open space, green homes (eco-friendly) with architectural variety and thought for the pedestrian with cars placed behind the scenes. New Urbanism benefits its residents, businesses, developers and local municipalities.

Principles of New Urbanism Lifestyle:

Denver's New Urbanism Lifestyles for 55+
Denver's New Urbanism has become very popular for the active independent lifestyles of the 55+ generation and meets the high standards of those seeking an active independent lifestyle.

A testimonial about New Urbanism
We isolate ourselves in our suburbanism not knowing what we are missing in Urbanism. When we isolate ourselves, we cannot possibly become diverse. And, so I have come to this conclusion that letting go of isolationism and realizing that diversity is acceptable and needful for all of us; Especially those of us who are looking for something other than traditional suburbanism. New Urbanism is a counter balance to sprawling suburbanism offering culturally and socially diversity in our hearts and lives.

New Urbanism Communities
From the Congress of New Urbanism, Steve Fimanowica commented that "Along with improving the quality of life, Denver's New urbanism communities like Larimer Square and Highlands' Garden Village in Denver help save people money by cutting transportation costs and other everyday expenses," he added. "Denver has particularly excelled in recycling suburbia into new urbanism," (Denver Daily News 6-10-2009)

Some of Denver's area New Urbanism communities include Stapleton, Belmar, and Prospect to Highlands' Garden Village, Lowry, Central Platte Valley."

Prominent aspects of New Urbanism communities are:

Denver's New Urban communities for 55+ & Senior Housing

photo of 1375 High Street building1375 High Street
a one-of-a-kind active adult lifestyle community for those 55 and better. This unique active adult lifestyle retreat is a seamless blend of sophistication and vibrant lifestyle. With quality artisanship, first-class amenities, five-star concierge service, endless amounts of events and activities. You deserve nothing but the best and 1375 High Street is here to offer it all to you - High Style, High Value, High Activity, and High Service.

Located in the vibrant Capitol Hill area of downtown Denver, 1375 High Street is surrounded by a wide selection of shopping, dining, city parks, excellent museums, the Botanic Gardens, theaters and countless other cultural venues. 1375 High Street is the new solution to urban living for those 55+ who want to experience the Denver urban lifestyle with all the amenities.

Vita Flats
Vita Flats is a new idea for active adults ages 55 and the advanced distinguished. All entirely new, 74 apartment homes completely renovated. Vita Flats connectivity to the things that make living in Denver's West Washington Park neighborhood a pleasant new experience, which is a hassle-free, zero-maintenance, services plus environment. It is a convenient way to live better, from the inside out. What will you find at Vita Flats is energy efficiency, pets, friends, the sky, happiness ... and that is just the start. Vita Flats puts you in the middle of everything the Mile High City has to offer; Culture, shopping, and a thousand outdoor activities.

Barth Hotel Denver*
The Barth Hotel Assisted Living Residence is located in lower downtown Denver, and is the perfect living option for those who enjoy the bustle and activity of the city. At the Barth Hotel residents, receive assisted support for and active independent lifestyle in a historical setting. All rooms are private, featuring high ceilings and sunny large windows. Neighboring Lo-Do residents and businesses are friendly and involved, donating event tickets and hosting many parties throughout the year. Transportation is only a block away, making commuting and travel within and around the city convenient for seniors and adults with disabilities. For complete information on the Barth Hotel and it amenities please select: and look under Barth Hotel listing.

*Senior Housing Options, Inc. (SHO), a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit, was originally formed as a nonprofit corporation named Ecumenical Housing in 1979 to serve elderly and disabled people who were being displaced from their homes in downtown Denver due to urban renewal.

Little Raven
Is one of Denver's New Urbanism gems located along the confluence of the South Platte river and Cherry Creek. Housing options that are suited for not only the general public but also include preferences for the distinguished tastes of those 55 and better. Check out the Brownstone Communities at 1840 Little Raven and Denver Riverfront Parks communities at 1610 Little Raven

Useful Links

Resources: "Retrofitting Suburbia," written by Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson