Care Managers...
The Who, What, When, and Where?

Who are they?

Care managers generally have a degree in social work, nursing, gerontology or counseling. They tend to specialize in assisting older clients and their families navigate through the medical, financial and social paths of life. Care managers tend to have an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise in community resources and services.

Care managers frequently meet with clients and /or families in the client's home for an initial evaluation and assessment. The evaluation and assessment help to determine a client's current level of functioning and appropriate level of care. Care mangers provide an unbiased assessment with a goal and focus to keep the client in the most independent and least restrictive environment. After an assessment, a care plan can be developed and further recommendations or referrals can be made.

What do they do?

When do I need one?

When a loved one needs assistance, whether you live nearby or at a distance, the experience can be overwhelming and frustrating. Often adult caregivers do not know where to turn or how to get help. Caregivers are often caught between managing their own lives, work, children, marriage and providing care for a loved one. They often feel trapped, frustrated and uncertain as to where to turn for assistance. Families are often unaware of the resources and services available within the community for their loved one.

Where to turn during the crisis?

A care manager is often contacted during a crisis. Care managers can help manage the crisis in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Some examples of crisis situations:

Care managers can help to communicate with physicians, medical staff, and other family members to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate care and resources. They can advocate to ensure the clients needs are being met to maintain independence and dignity.

Caregiving is personal, emotional, and sensitive. It can also be overwhelming, stressful, and often cause feelings of guilt, sadness and anxiety. Care managers can provide solutions to benefit you and your loved one, and help find a balance in making the most difficult decision you will ever make.

Here are some Care Managers serving the Denver metro area that participate in our website:

Care Management & Resources Inc - 303-639-5455
"The next best thing to family" since 1996, providing the highest quality of reliable geriatric care management and companion services to the Denver area. We enable seniors and adults to live at home as independently and safely as possible, emphasizing dignity and quality of life. Caregivers are employed, bonded and insured by the agency, and are supervised by licensed nurses.

Care Management Solutions
Lutheran Family Services of Colorado - 303-922-3433

Concerned about care for an older adult? Care Management Solutions works with family members and older adults to make decisions that protect one's dignity and well being. Experienced, compassionate care managers provide comprehensive assessments to clarify needs, present options, coordinate and monitor services, and offer counseling and support during life's transitions. Fees are based on a sliding scale, according to one's income.

Chapman & Associates Medical Consultants - 303-400-0291
We understand it is not always possible to care for our elderly loved ones personally. If you are concerned about elders in your life, we can help by providing evaluations of medical care, recommendations and coordination of required services and improve the lines of communication between the elder, family members and medical providers. Call today for more information.

Colorado Elder Care Solutions
7201 S. Broadway #220, Littleton, CO 80122
Colorado Elder Care Solutions provides professional geriatric care management. As geriatric care managers, we support the elder or cognitively impaired adult to maximize independence while minimizing stress and risk. We deal with complexities that can increase over time and while the elders ability to respond declines. Our goal is to help keep the senior in their home if that is their wish. Call today for more information.

Human Network Systems - 303-758-8182
At Human Network Systems our goal is to assist seniors in maintaining or improving their quality of life and promote and support an individual's right to independence and dignity. Our purpose is to act as a family representative or liaison for seniors. Our staff has extensive knowledge about the services offered in the Denver area. We can offer peace of mind in difficult situations.

Seniors! Inc. - 303-300-6940
Seniors! Inc. provides complete in-home support services for those requiring assistance to remain in their own homes. Our staff is available to help with any and all of the daily tasks that must be performed. If there are health-related problems, we provide total quality care under the careful supervision of our Registered Nurses who coordinate with the physician involved. We are prepared to oversee all of the matters associated with the care of the individual and the management of the home.

Senior Independence Bridge, Inc. - 303-399-9992
We provide care management and personal care services that are respectful of lifestyle, privacy and resources in order to preserve the senior's independence, dignity and security at the location of their choice. We provide a safety net to keep seniors safe and secure at home, and assist in decisions and transition to other living arrangements if needed. Call Toll Free 1-800-358-0395.

Total Longterm Care - 303-869-4664
For many seniors there's no place like home. Total Longterm Care's program is for the frail elderly who are in their own homes and communities. We provide, coordinate and supervise health care and in-home services for our members so that they are safe and comfortable and out of a nursing home.