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Baton Rouge, Louisiana Senior Events

This calendar lists events for seniors, boomers, older adults and family caregivers living in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Many of the events feature companies and non-profit organizations presenting information to educate and inform seniors and their families on resources available in the community. Occasionally we include other events from across the country.

25 February 2019

HealthyBR is Healthy Baton Rouge
Where: Baton Rouge, LA, USA (map)
Baton Rouge has a wide variety of health organizations, from nonprofit entities to award winning hospitals each working to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle choices in the community. The goal is to make it easier for consumers of all ages to take advantage of local health resources and services. Learn more at the HealthlyBR website - Learn more
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1 March 2019

Edible Communities
Where: Baton Rouge, LA, USA (map)

Edible Communitiesis striving to transform the way consumers shop for food, cook, eat and relateto locally grown food. From printed publications to local websites and eventsfocused on healthy eating, the group works to connect consumers with local growers,retailers, chefs and food artisans, fostering a new appreciation of eatinghealth food - LearnMore

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