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A Fitness Class for Everyone, Everything, Everywhere

Article submitted by Gary Sobol and I am the founder and Executive Director of the GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network

In 1976, Gary Sobol became a running man. Since that date, he has run thousands of miles, completed 10 marathons and numerous ULTRA marathons.

While battling his second round of colon cancer he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The medical advice Gary received was to “not crack a sweat”. Following this advice Gary’s health declined to where he was virtually helpless. Refusing to be defeated he returned to his old friend “exercise”.

Working with a Neuroscientist and many other experts Gary developed a science based exercise program to combat 8 symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This exercise routine became the GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network Foundations Exercise class. The GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network now has exercise classes in fifteen states with over 2,000 participants. Gary’s nationally recognized exercise program has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands with Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, TBI, neurological deficits and movement disorders.

Gary’s fitness class is for Everyone, Everything, Everywhere.

  • Everyone can take this class including those with walkers and in wheelchairs participate in Gary’s fitness classes with their care providers.
  • Everything those with PD, MS, stroke, TBI and those that want to age well are participants in the Parkinson’s Network fitness classes.
  • Gary wants to be Everywhere that someone needs a fitness program to increase their quality of life.

If you do not have an exercise class, contact the GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network and we will start a class for you anywhere.

If you have a passion to make a difference in the movement disorder community Gary would love to train you to become an instructor in his Foundations Class. Gary trains instructors throughout America. Gary’s program is ACE certified and provides 0.7CEU. There are no pre-qualifications to become an instructor other than passion. Fitness instructors, RNs, PTs, OTs, home health care providers, and family members of those with movement disorders train to become instructors. Gary has upcoming training classes in; Eden Prairie, MN, Tyler, TX, Memphis and Atlanta.

The Parkinson’s research team of the Anschutz Medical Center of Denver is conducting a study on Gary’s program. This research is being headed by Dr. Brian Berman. Researchers are studying QOL, fatigue, sleep, depression and physical activity based on physical performance tests; functional gait assessment, 6 minute walk test; cognitive timed up and go. These results are to be published first quarter of 2018.

The GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network exists to make a difference for those with neurological diseases and movement disorders. We want to help you and we want to hear from you.

In addition to instructor training classes, Gary also gives inspirational talks about his journey with Parkinson’s.

For more information on how to become a certified Parkinson's Network instructor or to invite Gary to speak to your organization, please call 303-378-4732 or visit our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you and changing the world.

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