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Senior Centers - Why Have Them?

Article submitted by Cheryl Adamson, Program Administrator at Malley Senior Recreation Center. The Senior Center is located at 3380 S. Lincoln Street in Englewood, Colorado.
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Never stepped inside of a “senior center”? Why not? Your answer may be, “I don’t want to hang out with the old people!” or “I don’t know what a senior center is about?” Well, the good news is you are reading this article which will shed light on just why you will want to walk in to your local center soon.

In the United States over 46 million people are 65 years or older, that is one in every 7 Americans. These 46 million are not a statistic, they are people who want more than just putting in time until it’s over. Every person wants and needs to feel that he or she belongs someplace and that they are not just an individual floating around by themselves in the world. Of course, for many, this need is met by family, but today, often the family is separated by several states or other circumstances.

Senior Centers minimum age to participate is typically 55, which in the 21st century is middle age. Sure, you will find the older, more seasoned participant. However, you will see dancing, runners on a treadmill, folks surfing the internet, whacking the pickleball ball, stretching in yoga class, creating art and lifting weights. Centers are intergenerational too, a mother who is 80 can take a class with her daughter who is 58, it’s great!

Members of the community often walk into our center for the first time and say, “Oh, this is nicer than I thought, you offer so much. I just retired and I need to do something with my time.” For others they may join a center for the first time after a loss of a loved one or having extra time on their hands and that can be difficult. A senior center offers a place for people to go and get out of the house. So, where better to go than a place that caters to the older populations needs and concerns? Participants at senior centers find that they have just expanded their friendships, found emotional support, discovered a new hobby, given through volunteering and went on adventures.

Senior centers are typically operated by a Public Recreation Department, Special District or Senior Services Department with no restrictions to resident status to participate. It is an affordable option because of supplementation with city tax revenue, grants, donations, fees and other funding. You will discover a warm environment with professional staff with backgrounds in Recreation, Kinesiology, and Gerontology and a love for people.

Senior centers are a place to go! A safe and trusted place where you will feel welcome and appreciated. That’s why senior centers were created. So, get off the couch, stop walking around the same old block and join your local senior center. You will be happy you did.

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