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Good News or Bad News For Nursing Home Patients?

Article submitted by Dick Dorrough, Certified Medicaid Planner. Dick Dorrough is with Medicaid for Colorado and offers professional long term care Medicaid assistance help with Long Term Care Medicaid Applications and Planning. He can be reached at 303-829-0205 or visit the group’s website.

DEC 2016 - COLORADO - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a rule change for nursing homes that could either drive up nursing home prices for those that pay or reduce the amount of government subsidized beds available. The rule, which was temporally stayed on November 11, 2016 by a US District Court, would ban pre-dispute arbitration clauses from nursing home admissions contracts. Almost without exception, patients are required by the nursing home facility to agree to this arbitration procedure before they can obtain a nursing home bed.

Nursing home patients are almost always forced by their health circumstances to seek the next bed available in a nursing home admission and in the process accept arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution technique to a typical court proceeding. Patients could under the new rule, litigate for grievances and mistreatment which on the positive side, serve as a deterrent against future nursing home abuse.

Nursing home negligence lawsuits are expected to rise if an when the new rule change goes into force. The result will probably increase costs to the nursing homes. The hope for consumers is nursing homes will be more prudent with their care and less likely to allow poor treatment of their residents.

How will the nursing home industry adjust to these increased costs? Their first response could be to increase private pay rates for nursing home beds. The industry will certainly look to Medicaid for higher reimbursement rates. Without more money from Medicaid, the result might be a reduction in the number of Medicaid beds available. Better nursing home care may be just around the corner but we don’t know what it may cost either in money or available services.

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