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A Final Resting Place in Denver’s Oldest Cemetery

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Burial plots are once again being made available at Riverside Cemetery, a historic Colorado cemetery in a prairie setting.

Denver, Colorado, June 2013: The Fairmount Cemetery Company, owner and operator of the historic Riverside Cemetery, is very pleased to announce that burial plots are once again being made available for purchase on the Riverside Cemetery grounds. The announcement is a result of renewed interest by people who want a final resting place in the historic cemetery, amidst some of Colorado’s most famous and earliest settlers and citizens.

Many within the Fairmount Cemetery Company believe the increased interest in a burial plot at Riverside is based on the hard work and dedication of volunteers who have donated time and service to plant an environmentally sustainable landscape at Riverside (after the grounds were ravaged by drought in the early 2000s). Volunteers and staff have also continued introduce more individuals, groups and school classes to Riverside and educate them about the past, present and future of this historic place.

“There is a renewed energy taking place at Riverside, and it has slowly been building over the course of the past five years,” said Kelly Briggs, president of the Fairmount Cemetery Company. “There are scores of individuals and companies that have ‘rolled-up-their-sleeves’ and worked countless hours to help revive the cemetery and put it back in the forefront where it belongs. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the groundswell of activity has generated interest among people who want to be laid to rest at Riverside.”

Beyond the historic charm of Riverside, people are attracted to the cemetery because it reflects the “prairie setting” of the old west. Native grasses, flowers and vegetation – which are being reintroduced to the cemetery landscape based on the donated efforts of the Colorado Association of Lawn Care

Professionals – are beginning to flourish once again, as they did naturally when Riverside originally opened in 1876. During the past five years, CALCP has planted:

  • Over eight acres of Blue grama/Buffalo grass
  • Four CSU Plant Select Demonstration Gardens
  • A Heritage Iris Garden using Iris from the old gravesites
  • Two native tree and shrub borders

The Association has also removed numerous dead trees, and donated three large water tanks, equipment, supplies and countless hours of labor.

“We’re calling it the ‘Riverside Revival’, and it wouldn’t be happening without the care and concern of so many people,” said Briggs. “We’re looking forward to providing people with the opportunity to purchase a burial plot once again in this very special and hallowed place. Hopefully, it will serve as another point of inspiration for more people to become involved in Riverside’s ongoing revival.”

For more information regarding burial plots at Riverside Cemetery, please contact 303-399-0692.

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