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The Wisdom & Experience of Older Volunteers

Article submitted by Boulder County CareConnect. They can be reached at 303-443-1933, x408or visit their website.

Boulder, Colorado - If your New Year’s resolution was to do more volunteer work, but you haven’t exactly gotten around to that yet, never fret. Spring is the perfect time to get involved in your community.

Our communities need the wisdom and experience of our older adult volunteers. That’s why RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program), a federal initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service, offers volunteer matching services and volunteer benefits for those 55 and better. Localized RSVP programs across the nation help nearly 500,000 older adults help their communities.

In Boulder County alone, there are over 900 volunteers serving their communities and 30% of them are over the age of 80 proving that age is no excuse for not getting involved!

Boulder County CareConnect, a local nonprofit that serves seniors in need, runs Boulder County’s RSVP program. Mature adults 55+ in Boulder County can contact the local RSVP program by calling (303) 443-1933, x408. Call today and learn about the numerous opportunities available to put your skills to work for the causes you care about. The perks of volunteering are numerous; other than that wonderful sense of wellbeing you receive by giving back, RSVP offers mileage reimbursements (applicable to personal vehicles, bus fare and VIA transport), supplemental insurance and FUN volunteer appreciation events. You will also get linked in to a vibrant community of people like you!

Susan, a native Coloradan, came to RSVP three years ago. Having spent nearly two decades teaching English in rural China, she had a passion for culture and language. RSVP matched her with local nonprofit Intercambio, where she now teaches both group and individual English classes for adult immigrants. She loves connecting with others over the shared experiences of being a stranger in a foreign land. “In the beginning I volunteered because I was a little bored and was looking for something new in my life. But the more I get involved the more I love it. Knowing that I’m helping somebody means the world to me.”

NOW is the perfect time to start volunteering. Call Boulder County CareConnect’s RSVP program and get started today: (303) 443-1933, x408, or visit us online at

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