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You’re Home Talks about Hydration

Article submitted by Chef Thomas Burke, owner and star of You’re Home in-home dining services. Thomas can be reached at 720-210-8763.

Denver, Colorado - Welcome to the Colorado High Plains Desert. That’s right, we live in a desert. Living at such high altitude and with a very arid climate means we need to keep ourselves from getting dry. I am talking about hydration. Drinking water several times a day is critical to our bodies. Most Americans are perpetually dehydrated. This means that our bodies and especially our brains do not have enough moisture to do their jobs. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

The military over in Iraq and Afganastian have trained our troop to drink throughout the day and night without waiting to get “thirsty”. We need to do that, too, especially as we age. Drinking juices or soda pop or even milk will not give our bodies what it really need … good old fashioned water.

So, as you sit there reading this, stop, go get yourself a nice big glass of water and drink it.

I have seen many people who lived in my community have to be taken to the hospital, only because they were dehydrated. They are returned home after given liquids intravenously. Nobody wants to have that done, so have some preventative medicine, keep your brain and your muscles fresh and wet … have a drink on me.

More about You’re Home in-home dining services.

You’re Home is a sole proprietorship stared by Chef Thomas Burke to serve seniors at home. Thomas has been involved with senior dining for many years and felt that the business of senior services had become just that, business. Thomas wants to bring the service back into the lives of those who need or desire it the most.

You’re Home prepares fresh, wholesome meals in your own kitchen or can prepare them in You’re Home’s kitchen and deliver them to you. All this is done with the client’s lifestyle in mind and an awareness of the different nutritional needs as we age. Thomas’ desires to see seniors stay independent and remain in their own homes as long as possible, and eating good nutritious food should not be the reason to have to move.

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