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Insider Tips for Getting Rid of Large Items

Article submitted by Gone for Good. They can be reached at 303-736-2387. Visit their website for more information.

Denver, Colorado - Do you run into a situation where you need to get rid of trash, but your normal trash company will not pick it up. Here are the top 3 items that our customers call in to be hauled away;

  1. Mattress Set
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Old Tube Television

As you read this article, you will learn to think "Friends" and "Free"

Let's start out with the first situation. Mattress

  • Good condition - Did you ask friends and family if they needed one? You hear the rumor that you are not able to donate mattresses. This is not true. If the mattress has no rips, tears, odor or stains, then the Salvation Army will take it. ( You could also sell it on Craigslist for around $30 - $60. I know there is a big bed bug scare, but people will still buy it if they think it is clean and bed bug free. People are happy to pay $30 for a used mattress. It is better than sleeping on the floor or sofa. Now, if you are dealing with a hospital bed, then it can be donated to Project Cure. (
  • Bad Condition - Do you ever notice when you put out the trash and some of your items are gone? I am sure it was items that have some metal in it. There are people that pay some of their bills by picking up metal scrap. Grab a friend and put it near your trash and see if the metal recyclers will pick it up. Or you can do this your self. While separating materials within your mattress might seem daunting, you might be able to get money for the metal springs inside the mattress. Antique stores like to buy the metal springs from twin beds. They like to hang items from it or decorate it with flowers.

Second situation - Refrigerator

  • Working - Do any friends or family need a used refrigerator? Ask some of your Costco friends. Buying in bulk, requires to have a second refrigerator. Sell it on Craigslist for $50 - $100. If you don't feel like dealing with people over at your house you can get a $50 rebate from Xcel energy.
  • Not working - Again, get it out on the curb and a metal recycler will be sure to pick it up. If you don't get heavy traffic on your street, post it up on Craigslist for free and it will be gone within an hour.

Final Situation - Large Old Tube TV

  1. Working - Some of these old television sets will just not die. Most charities are not accepting old tube television sets. Small televisions are easier to get rid of because families want them to put in their kid's room to play video games or watch movies. If you can wait, then I would recommend for an e-waste event in your neighborhood. Check your local paper or news. You can also check the website where there are recycle centers that will take your television for free.

In conclusion, with a little effort, you don't have to pay the money to haul it away. Now, if you don't have time for that effort, then don't be afraid to give Gone for Good a call at 303-736-2387. Visit their website for more information.

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Gone for Good wants to help you clear the clutter and help the environment. We do this by hauling away stuff you don’t want for a nominal fee. You will also receive a tax donation receipt and a discount on your haul away fee if there are any reusable items in the pickup. The team will do an evaluation of all items and give an estimated value of the resale. We will give you a 30% discount from the total of the estimated value. For example, if we think can resell a table for a $100, then you will get $30 off your haul away fee.


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