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Never Move without a Move Manager

By Judy Rough, CSA

Two years ago I was moving to another state due to my husband’s job. Since I am the owner of Carefree Transitions, a senior move management company I would normally do it all myself, but this time I decided to take along two of my co-workers to assist me with unpacking my new 3,000 square foot home. We drove from Arizona to California and made a mini vacation out of it, just three women bonding, laughing and having fun. When we finally arrived at my new residence the moving van was scheduled to arrive the next morning with all of my belongings. Our plan was to divide and conquer as we have always done with our clients. I had the kitchen and dining room, Marlene had the bedrooms, master closet and baths, Terry had the family room, garage, laundry and more. We were all up to the task and ready to employ our usual expertise, organizational skills and high level of efficiency.

The moving van arrived on time and the process began. We all knew the furniture layout and we sprung into action, but within a few minutes the phone rang and I received a call from my family that I needed to get on a plane to New Jersey immediately. My father was dying. I must have gone into shock because the next thing I knew I was on a plane to New Jersey and I had no idea how I had gotten there. My father did pass away at 91 after a wonderful and full life surrounded by all of his loving family. I stayed with my mother for two weeks to help with all the arrangements and to support her during this difficult time.

Terry and Marlene stayed at my home in California and in two days they had unpacked and organized my entire house. When I returned, everything was in its place without a box or a piece of paper in site. I got to experience the service we provide to our clients every day and it felt amazing. I was able to return to work and engage in life in my new community as well as allowing time to grieve the loss of my “Dear Old Dad” which is how he signed every card he ever sent me.

We just moved again, but downsized into a condo in Denver so we could be near our granddaughter who is due in a few weeks. This time I used a Colorado senior move management company called Imago since Carefree Transitions was busy with our Arizona clients. Imago and Carefree Transitions both are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers ( and both companies follow the same code of ethics and have the same standards of practice. My home was completely set up in one day with all the pictures hung, everything put in its place and no boxes or paper to deal with. Moving with a move management company is the only way to go for reducing stress, getting things done efficiently and correctly and ending with peace of mind. I have always been passionate about what we do, but now that I have experienced it from our client’s perspective I am even more passionate and excited about move management and the incredible value we bring to our clients and their families.

I will NEVER move without a move manager again!

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