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Mobile Beauty Services

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Mobile Beauty Services refer to salon services that are provided in the customer's home or any place other than the retail salon location. Other locations may include offices, hotels, retreats and even churches as in the case of weddings.

In the case of mobile beauty services for older adults, then these services may also be provided in residential senior housing where the older adult resides or their private residence. Note that many senior housing locations providing assisted living have onsite beauty and barber services for their residents or mobile beauty service providers that come on a regular basis.

The important concept is that where a need exists due to an elder's restricted mobility or for other health reasons and they cannot leave the home, there are often solutions to providing services for activities of daily living. Mobile Beauty Services is one of these!

Mobile Beauty Services in the Home (or Senior Housing Residence)

Some independent cosmetology professionals and salon locations offer Mobile Beauty Services as an additional service. In the past few years, there has been a growing trend towards mobile beauty service with a new emphasis on the spa-like services that can be provided in the home.

Spa services can include facials, makeup consultation, massages and tanning services. Typically the most popular home salon services for older adults are pedicures and manicures. These are also some of the most important mobile beauty services for older adults.

Foot and nail care for any age is an important routine. For an older adult it becomes even more particularly as an adult ages and it becomes more and more difficult to bend over to trim toenails. If you know an adult having mobility issues, then you may also know an adult who is not taking regular care of their toenails. The suggestion of Mobile Beauty Services or even a visit to a salon on a regular basis can be an important step towards good foot and nail care.

Other Sources for Foot and Nail Care

Home Health Agencies also offer foot and nail care services as part of home visitation services. Depending on the condition of the elder's feet, nails and their health history, sometimes the best solution for a pedicure is a nurse from a Home Health Agency. If an elder's feet and nails are not in good and healthy condition then a visit to the primary care physician is recommended. The primary care physician can then make recommendations on how best to care for the elder's feet.

Home Beauty & Spa Services

Typical home beauty and spa services can include the following. Note that each cosmetology professional and salon location may offer only some of these services in the home:

  • Shampoo & Set
  • Hair Cuts
  • Hair Coloring
  • Permanents
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Makeup Consultation

Find a Mobile Beauty Salon

The Mobile Beauty Salon is a new but growing home professional service. A few ways to find a local company offering these services are:

  • Use and search on Mobile Beauty Service "Your City" "State"
  • If you have a regular salon you use, talk to them to see if they offer mobile services or know of someone that does
  • And always check references before allowing someone into the home