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senior photoToday it is a lot easier for older adults, seniors, their families, caregivers and other senior professionals to get information about senior services on the Internet than it was 10 years ago when we first launched the website:


We have learned a lot in 10 years and grown with the media. One of our strongest calls to action with this website has been to keep this website simple and easy-to-use. From our local geographic directories to our alphabetically sorted search results to our local and national Senior News sorted by date – we are all about keeping it simple!

Adult children, other family members, caregivers and senior professionals use SeniorsResourceGuide.com as a comprehensive easy-to-use website that contains information they need to help them make decisions, sometimes difficult ones, for their loved ones' care. The ability to search for local information on the Internet, in select cities is especially relevant when a loved one lives in another city. Using the Internet to research senior resources can save countless hours in locating needed help and services. Also valuable educational articles provide ideas and care solutions for families looking for solutions and help with aging and care issues.

Here is a list and short description of our network of senior-oriented websites:

SeniorsResourceGuide.com websiteSeniorsResourceGuide.com
SeniorsResourceGuide.com has 28 local regional Internet directories and a national directory. Each directory has its own database relevant to older adults. There are 76 topics in our individual databases that are grouped in six categories: Senior Housing, Health at Home, Professional Services, Health Services, Care Management & Referral Services and Community Resources. Each local directory also has its own local resources such as local Senior News & Events, local city links and an about the region web page. There are also in-depth Business Profiles of companies that provide senior services.
Regional Directories


SeniorsE-Guide.com websiteSeniors E-Guide.com Questions to Ask Series - NEW
This website lists the Seniors E-Guide “Questions to Ask” series and other online resources. These E-Guides provide educational information that can be printed out and used to interview providers for senior housing, health at home services and learn about other senior services. Some of the topics include “Questions to Ask” when Selecting Active Independent Living & Retirement Communities, Care Options for Developmentally Disabled Seniors and Resources for Low to Moderate Income Independent Seniors.


SeniorsResourceGuide.com mobile websiteGoToSRG.com - NEW
Have a Web-enable Mobile Phone or similar Device?
Visit our searchable Seniors Resource Guide.com database that is specially formatted for web-enabled handheld devices to download quickly and be easy to use. Our online listings that have website links are included in the GoToSRG.com website at no additional charge. This website is designed to be compatible with web-enabled mobile devices.


SeniorBusinessConnection.com websiteSeniorBusinessConnection.com
This website is part of our Senior Professional Network
The website is about senior professionals making connections with senior-oriented coalitions and resources across the country. The website lists senior business coalitions, government agencies, industry associations, national events, professional training and other resources that are important for professionals serving older adult and the senior population.


Medicare Basics Video Series
Demographic Reach: Older Adults, Seniors, their Families, Family Caregivers and Senior Professionals

The Medicare Basics Video Series was developed to simplify the four basic parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C & D) to help make your Medicare choices easier to understand. The information for this series is from the official Medicare publications, Medicare & You, Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods, and Your Guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. The entire series was reviewed for accuracy by Medicare (CMS Region VIII) and includes links to downloadable PDF’s of these publications as well as direct links to the Medicare and Social Security websites.

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The Seniors Resource Guide® Network of Resource Websites for Consumers & Professionals:
www.SeniorsResourceGuide.com – Find senior resources, news & events
www.SeniorsEGuide.com – Educational Questions to Ask ePublications
www.GoToSRG.com – Website compatible with web-enabled mobile devices

The Seniors Resource Guide® Network of Websites for Professionals:
www.SeniorBusinessConnection.com – National Professional Resources

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Disclaimer: References to specific companies mentioned within this website does not warranty, imply or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of said company. Consumers and professionals serving seniors are highly encouraged to check all references and interview all companies before engaging services. In regard to event listings always check and confirm with the event host that the date or time has not changed.

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